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Dark Moon Loot has two different in-house creators, Michael Moxie and Satina. They have been married for 10 years and have a young son. Both take inspiration from nature, magic, and fantasy for their pieces. They love creating unique items, helping to make the world a more beautiful place, and they have a passion for all forms of art.


Soul Flower is a natural clothing brand, based out of Minneapolis, MN, for kind souls and free spirits. Mindfully made with natural fibers and heartfelt art, they design their threads with kind vibes from start to finish. They seek inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life – in nature and in music, in free-spirited adventures and in like-minded souls. They create clothing in a way that supports our planet, spreads a positive message, and most importantly -- helps you express yourself.

Their manifesto?

"We believe in positive vibes. Getting lost in the music. Going barefoot and wearing whatever makes your heart sing. We believe in creating high-quality, eco-friendly threads with a positive message. We believe in Mother Earth. That our planet is worth fighting for. We believe in wearing cool threads for kind heads. In knowing where our products come from and how they are made. We believe in creative freedom. We believe in each other. In building from our roots and finding a path as we go. In happy hours and spontaneous dance breaks. In sharing good food and great stories. We believe kindness matters. We believe in doodles and hand-drawn artwork. In mixing colors, patterns and prints. We believe hippie is not a bad word. That there is power in connecting with like-minded free spirits. So find your tribe. Be yourself. Fly your freak flag. Let your Soul Flower!"


Dean Bonzani is the sole owner and operator of SIGNchronicity. He's a visionary philosopher and mystic musician, living at the base of the San Francisco Peaks of Northern Arizona. He's also a Second Level Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and tarot reader.


SIGNchronicity's mission?

To aid in the evolution of humanity and the ascension of this planet, by providing a means to spread messages of love, hope, inspiration, and joy, through the medium of stickers.

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