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Sock Poi

Sock Poi


By: Juggle Dream


Sock poi are probably the most popular form of poi. Inexpensive but still visually effective, sock poi are a favorite with both beginners
and the advanced poi spinners. Sock poi are great for moves such as hyper loops, air wraps, and stalls.


These sock poi are made from a thin yet strong material with a bit a

stretch. They have a slit in the side allowing you to insert anything up to the size of a tennis ball into the end. You can also secure smaller weights into the handle end through this same slit which can be held in place with a simple knot. Try popping a 3.4oz ball in one end and a sand filled hacky sack the other and you have a nice double weighted sock poi!


With the exception of the blue option, all these sock poi are UV reactive.


Please note: they do not come with any weights/balls included (see the accessories tab).


Sold as a pair.


Length: Approximately 22.8"

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