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Flowtivate Aromatherapy Grip Wax- Large

Flowtivate Aromatherapy Grip Wax- Large


The perfect grip solution for bare LED hoops and other bare polypro and HDPE hoops. Just gently rub wax against any prop to apply. Light pressure will apply a small amount and firmer pressure will apply more. For hoops you can customize the grip by using only on the inside, on the sides, or all over the hoop! Repeat application as desired to freshen scent and increase grip.


If you reapply on an entire hoop multiple times per week then you may go through a large unit in just 1 to 1 1/2 months. If you reapply a couple of times per month on an entire hoop then a large unit could last you for all year. It all depends on how much you apply and how often.


If you use a heavily-waxed hoop outside or in a house with pets, the wax could pick up particles of dirt or pet hair. If this happens you can easily use the edge of an old credit card or the back side of scissors to scrape the wax off and then just reapply!




Ingredients: Beeswax, Essential Oils, Garden Fresh Herbs, and Good Vibes.

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