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Fire Fingers- 9"

Fire Fingers- 9"


Sold in set of 10


Each of these fire fingers is made from high quality stainless steel. The grips are lined with a comfortable non-slip foam rubber grip which helps keep them firmly attached to your fingers.


Designed to be easily re wicked these fire fingers, if used correctly, will last you many years.


These fingers are designed for medium sized hands, each finger is adjustable but if you have particularly small or large hands then contact us for custom orders.


The set includes 2 x larger size grips for thumbs, 2 x smaller size grips for the little fingers...and 6 x medium for the rest!


Although some people use them without, we recommend you use these fire fingers with a tight fitting pair of leather gloves as the shafts can get quite hot.


Length: 9"

Individual Weight: 1.4oz

Burners: 1"

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