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Thai Hmong Tribe Pants- Black & Gray Coin Design

Thai Hmong Tribe Pants- Black & Gray Coin Design

$53.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price

100% cotton. Ethically handmade. Authentic from Thailand.


Thai Tribe pants, Cotton, Hmong Hill Tribe Style, Black&Grey Swirls and Green Details


The perfect pair of pants for spring time and fall! Super comfortable, edgy and eye-catching. Made from the highest quality Thai cotton with batik print.


You can wear these baggy pants for any occasion: yoga, meditation, massage, flowing, pilates, tai chi, or going out and having fun!


These adjustable pants are guaranteed to make the sun shine a little brighter! (Ok, maybe that's pushing it, but they'll definitely make you feel that way ;)


The ankle part is left open and can be tied with the straps to fit anyone or customize to your own taste!




Approx. Measurements:
-Waist: 28"-42"
-Length: 35"


*****We recommend hand washing our products to retain the vibrance of the colors and the feel of the fabric.

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