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Special Edition Lotus Seed of Life Stickers- 2"

Special Edition Lotus Seed of Life Stickers- 2"


The sacred Seed of Life symbol, nested in a lotus flower, here
in your choice of double layered, Special Edition versions: Prismatic
Rainbow Silver on Gold Leaf (vinyl), Prismatic Rainbow Gold on Ruby Sparkle, or Prismatic Rainbow Gold on Black Sparkle (Deep Space Edition).


Will stick to any clean, dry, smooth surface. Looks best in the
sunshine (bearing in mind that the same light that dazzles will
ultimately destroy the vinyl of these beauties, an unavoidable
inevitability if they're out in the sunlight all the time. See caveat
below), and stick readily to glass or your laptop.


Application instructions included. Machine cut sign vinyl. Life of the graphic will vary according to conditions of exposure, and while sunlight will produce the most spectacular light show, it will also degrade the vinyl over time, resulting in fading and ultimately, destruction of the plastic.


NOTE: this is adhesive backed sign vinyl, and can be damaged by rough handling. Please bear that in mind when applying to any surface that will get smacked around or scuffed. Durable, but treat
it well for best results.

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