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Red Leaf and Pine Necklace

Red Leaf and Pine Necklace


This one-of-a-kind piece was handcrafted by Satina.


An elegant, classic, and simple way to show your love of nature.


Grade A/B


This piece contains real, dried pine needles and a tiny red leaf. The bezel (frame) and chain are plated and colored rose gold. The chain is approximately 23.6" long, but could be shortened upon request. Chain links are 3mm long, 2.5mm wide, and .5mm thick. The chain has a lobster clasp. The bezel is 3.4cm tall by 2 cm wide. The resin has a frosted glass appearance on the backside of the piece.


To keep your necklace in tip-top shape, avoid swimming or showering with this piece on. To shine, wipe with a soft cotton cloth. Store the necklace in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep the necklace away from checmicals, cosmetics, and sharp objects.

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