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Pyropixies Kids Spiral Poi

Pyropixies Kids Spiral Poi


These lovely poi are made from a soft padded weight and both the
tails and the cord are shorter than standard Spiral Poi. This makes the Kids' Spiral Poi a good choice for beginner or younger spinners.


The tails themselves are made from colored nylon scarfs which look wonderful when flying through the air. These poi have a swivel which connects the poi body to a nylon double finger loop via a tough cord.


The choice of colors above refers to the color of the tails.

They are hand made in India by a community of family and friends who are paid fairly and enjoy good working conditions.


Sold as a pair.


Tail Length 28.3

Poi Cord Length 15.7" (40cm)

Poi Weight Per Pair 5.3oz

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