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Green Jungle Design Thai Fisherman Pants

Green Jungle Design Thai Fisherman Pants


100% cotton. Ethically handmade. Authentic from Thailand.


Fisherman Pants, Cotton, Green with Yellow Jungle Design


Totally unique design made from high quality cotton.


These comfortable pants are the perfect garment for massage, yoga, meditation, flow arts, qi gong, tai chi or stretching.


We like to use this type of pants for our morning exercise! And then usually leave them on for the rest of the day :)




entire waist length: 52" (132cm)
entire leg length: 40" (100cm)
leg length to the split: 17" (44cm)
length around legs: 28" (70cm)
straps (attached to the center of the back): 28" (70cm) long each
pocket: 6" (15cm) wide x 7,5" (19cm) tall


*****We recommend hand washing our products to retain the vibrance of the colors and the feel of the fabric.

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