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Firetoys Fire Short Staff 100 cm

Firetoys Fire Short Staff 100 cm


Sold Individually.


Firetoys Short Fire Staffs are a fantastic first fire staff. They are
great all-rounders - good for any style except contact - and suitable
for beginners and advanced spinners.


The Short Fire Staffs are especially suited to double staff as they
are small enough to be spun in the plane between your arms allowing buzzsaw-type moves and their anti-spin variations. The Short Fire Staff is also a great fire staff for majorettes or baton twirlers who want to add spice to their skills.


All Firetoys aluminum staffs are light weight, durable and hard
wearing. The wicks are extremely robust and should last many hundreds of burns if maintained correctly. On our Short Fire Staffs we use 70cm of 50mm wide high grade para-aramid wick - much more than most other staffs out there. This amount of wick provides a decent size flame which will burn for three to seven minutes depending on conditions. The grip on these staffs is top quality, extra-long, padded and insulated. Both the padded grip and the wicks can be replaced easily if required.


For the shaft of the fire staff they use top quality, ¾" (1.9cm)
diameter aluminum, which is both strong and light. The end plugs are made from dense fiberglass which won't burn or deteriorate with heat, unlike wood which is used in most other, non-Firetoys, fire staffs. This greatly extends the lifespan of our staffs.


The bolts we use to attach the wick to the shaft go right through the entire burner and screw into each other ensuring the wicks are better secured and easier to replace. These bolts further extend the life of our staffs as they don't wear away the end plugs when your staff is re-wicked. The extra weight of the fiberglass also adds weight to the extremities making this fire-staff spin with more momentum.


Length: 3'3" (100cm)

Weight: .83lbs (375g)

Amount of Wick (per burner): 27.5" x 1.9"

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